The training provides ESRs with complementary knowledge and skills to broaden their capabilities in the area of building acoustics. Both academic as well as non-academic partners participate in the training programme. The training contains various components, as participation in the four summer schools organized by the Acoutect consortium, writing and reviewing scientific papers, transferable skills courses as organized by the Acoutect consortium and secondments to various Acoutect institutes. The training events will be posted here.

Summerschools are open for other researchers.


Summerschool 2 (SS2), UoL, Liverpool, UK. Scientific: Building acoustic prediction methods. Transferable: Presentation skills. Industrial: Modern Acoustic consultancy practice. Scheduled for June 2018.


Summerschool 1 (SS1), Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden. Scientific: Modern sustainable building concepts. Industrial: Drivers and barriers in building concepts. January 2018.

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