Projects of ESRs

The individual projects are link to one of the three research themes of Acoutect: Design (WP4, orange), Products (WP5, blue) and Evaluation (WP6, green).

ESR01 TUE - Room acoustic modelling of open plan spaces pdf icon
ESR02 Aalto - Modelling of room acoustics and sound insulation pdf icon
ESR03 UoL - Modelling of structure-borne sound transmission in lightweight buildings pdf icon                                                       
ESR04 Matelys - Prediction and control of rolling noise in buildings pdf icon
ESR05 TUE - Prediction of environmental noise through building skins pdf icon

ESR06 Moelven - Low-frequency acoustic behavior of lightweight composite floors pdf icon
ESR07 KU Leuven - Development of acoustic resonant metamaterials for building applications pdf icon   
ESR08 KU Leuven - Time and cost efficient approaches for vibro-acoustic system identification pdf icon
ESR09 Level - Towards vibro-acoustic insulation of service equipment at lightweight building elements pdf icon
ESR10 Materialise - Engineering of advanced acoustic meta-materials made with Additive Manufacturing pdf icon

ESR11 Chalmers - Human response to low frequency sound in buildings pdf icon
ESR12 Chalmers - Models for assessing walking sound in open office spaces pdf icon
ESR13 Aalto - Novel measurement and auralization techniques for building acoustics pdf icon                                                          
ESR14 UoL - Subjective evaluation of floor impact sounds in lightweight buildings pdf icon
ESR15 SISW - Advanced BEM for binaural synthesis including moving source or listener pdf icon