Five subjects for Demonstrators have been selected according to trends and future challenges in building acoustics.

  1. Lightweight constructions (LW),
  2. Open plan spaces (OP),
  3. Multi-story buildings in noisy areas (MS),
  4. Places for social gathering (SG),
  5. Low energy buildings (LE).

Three ESRs, one from each theme to guarantee the interdisciplinarity of the project as well as a holistic approach, will be connected to a Demonstrator. The work in the Demonstrators will result in best practice holistic approaches to solve acoustic problems in modern buildings. The Demonstrators are showcases of the capabilities of the ESRs for the building industry. They will show the excellent capabilities of the ESRs to the outside world and enhance their career perspectives. The Demonstrators will be supervised by non-academic partners via two Demonstrator secondments.

demonstrators 01