Acoutect is structured in three pillars, the Research Programme, the Training Programme and the Demonstrators. These pillars are strongly connected to the two project objectives.

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The innovative research connects to Project Objective 2 and is formed by the three research themes: Design (WP4), Products (WP5) and Evaluation (WP6). Individual research projects are all linked to one of these research themes. All researchers are supervised by one academic participant and one non-academic participant.

The complementary training provides ESRs with complementary knowledge and skills to broaden their capabilities in the area of building acoustics. Both academic as well as non-academic partners participate in the training programme. The training contains amongst others four summerschools.

The pillar that brings everything together in Acoutect are the Demonstrators. In these Demonstrator projects, ESRs will solve acoustic problems in real-life buildings by newly developed methods from the project.